Friday, July 30, 2010

homeward bound

Gate outside a cafe that serves delicious fruit shakes, Hanoi

Pho, Hanoi

My Pho is gone

sometimes travel bring things into focus, sometimes it complicates things. this trip has done a bit of both for me, in a variety of ways.

we're coming home soon and things will be different. in some ways i'm really looking forward to returning, but in other ways i'm really sad because many things will not be the same as before we both set out on this adventure together.

packing up, putting memories away, and picking things up -- just not where they left off.

i look forward to seeing many of you soon, and i know that some things will have stayed the same. for that i am grateful.

i think this will be my last post and i thank you for reading. i hope you've enjoyed the stories and photos.

much love,

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